Vegan Christmas baking recipes

Hi all!

Let me just tell you – 10 days without having any internet isn’t easy. But I got a lot of miscellaneous organizing and manga reading done.

Since we’re going on a vegan Christmas baking marathon tomorrow and doing the whole wrapping presents thing, I thought I would share my list of baking goals with you. We might not do everything here because this is a crazy amount of food, but we both have big families so who knows? Sometimes more is more.

Vegan Christmas baking recipes

Raw Chocolate Turtles (Truffles)

vegan chocolate turtles

The recipe for raw chocolate truffles is from my old blog, and it’s a recipe I learned in culinary school. They’re (almost) as decadent as the ones full of sugar, but are sweetened with nothing but dates and raisins. Since Christmas is full of crazy unhealthy treats that I love, sometimes it’s nice to add some wholesome treats in there, too.

Vegan Espresso Fudge

vegan espresso fudge

This one comes from Wicked Spatula. I’m really eager to try this because it’s made like real fudge – with condensed milk – so I anticipate the texture and flavor to be similar. And a dose of espresso can’t hurt! Since us vegan or dairy-free folk can’t just crack a can of condensed milk and go for it, this recipe involves making condensed non-dairy milk from scratch. I also like how this recipe uses agave instead of sugar!

Fruit Loaf


I know some people are offended by the very idea of fruit cake or fruit loaf, but I happen to adore it. Besides, I’ve never made it before, and this eggless one from Vegan and Demanding seems like a close imitation of the fruit loaf of my childhood.

Ginger Molasses Cookies

ginger molasses cookies

I saw this post by K’s Veg Recipes and fell in love. I love those cookies that are nice and chewy, but get all crackly on the top. I also like that they freeze well, since I’m doing all my Christmas baking in advance.

Eggnog Biscotti

Oh She Glows has been a favorite blog of mine for years, and her recipe/tutorial for Eggnog Biscotti looks amazing. Biscotti is such a rare treat, and I love the look of this Christmas-y version. Besides, it’s an excuse to have eggnog kicking around!

Ukrainian Scuffles

ukrainian scuffles
Oh my goodness, scuffles. My childhood was filled with these doughy treats of sugary-cinnamony love. The best way to describe them is as bite-sized cinnamon buns, but less gooey. They’re addicting and amazing. This recipe from is the one I’ll be trying, with a few vegan modifications (2 eggs = 6 tablespoons blended soft tofu, butter = Earth Balance).


vegan nutella

Another one from my old blog, this recipe for vegan Nutella is super easy, and who doesn’t love an excuse to eat chocolate for breakfast? If I’m still standing after making all the above baking, I’ll definitely whip up a batch of this. I might try using maple syrup as the sweetener for more depth and deliciousness.

Vegan Eggnog

vegan eggnog

Since I’m making eggnog biscotti, I’ve gotta make eggnog! That’s my excuse, anyway. I’m not a big fan of store-bought vegan eggnog (and the thought of real eggnog freaks me out), but I love our homemade version. It is immensely decadent, basically dessert in a glass, and if you’re doing a boozy eggnog you really can’t cut back on the sugar or it’ll be too overwhelming. But it sure hits the spot on a cold winter night!

I’ll probably do a second part to this post once I’ve done all my baking, an update on how everything went and any changes I make (I always make changes, I can’t leave recipes alone).

Hope you’re having a great December!


  • JenniferNorth

    I miss fudge! That sweetened condensed milk looks easy to make, too. I’ll have to give it a try.

    • Allysia K

      The fudge turned out great!

  • Hannah

    So many delicious choices, I don’t know where I’d start! The sweet treats are easily the best parts of the whole holiday season. 🙂

    • Allysia K

      Agreed! If I had to pick just one, it would probably be the scuffles (though they are a pain to make!).

  • Cosenza

    I’m a sucker for dates! I use it mostly to sweeten healthy pleasure recipes.

    • Allysia K

      DATES ARE AMAZING, like nature’s caramel.

  • Lauren

    Thanks so much for linking to my Espresso Fudge! This is a fabulous list of delicious treats!

    • Allysia K

      It was amazing! My only regret was not making a double batch, but of everything we made, the fudge and biscotti were our favourites!

  • flickingthevs

    I’ve never eaten a scuffle, but based on the name alone, I’m pretty sure it would be wonderful. Ditto the fudge, but fudge is always going to be a winner – add some espresso, and everything’s alright with the world!

    • Allysia K

      Best name ever, eh? Can’t go wrong with tiny cinnamon rolls, they were great.