Orgain Nutritional Shake Review: Chocolate/Vanilla Protein Drinks

orgain nutritional shake

Hi all!

Something that Michael and I like to do every now and then is play a bit of food detective. We like trying new products, and do some comparing and contrasting. That’s where this Orgain nutritional shake review comes in – it’s basically a protein drink, in chocolate and vanilla flavors – and I hadn’t seen them at the health food store before, so decided to pick some up (with our own dolla bills).

(A note on the packaging: It seems to be different on the website. On the website, the drink is called a “nutritional shake”, and our versions have the label “organic protein”, but I’m 99% sure it’s the same thing).

About the Orgain Nutritional Shake

orgain nutritional shake

There are two versions of the drink – a vegan one (soy-free, dairy-free) using a blend of hemp, rice, chia and flax protein, and a whey-based one. We tried both of the vegan ones, because that’s how we roll.

The drink is just over 200 calories and has 16 grams of protein (the whey one has 25 grams), which is pretty substantial if you’re a protein fiend (I am not). It’s also surprisingly low in sugar at 9 grams for the whole container – less than a tablespoon!

Another interesting thing about the Orgain nutritional shake is that it contains both a fruit and a veggie blend (in powder form), for extra nutrients I suppose – though I don’t really see these nutrients reflected on the label. How much fruit powder can there really be if this drink has a 0% vitamin C content?

Anyway, let’s get to the tasting!

Orgain Nutritional Shake Review

orgain nutritional shake

Vegan Chocolate:

Allysia: The initial taste is kind a sweet chocolate flavor, with a powdery aftertaste that reminds me of stevia – something I dislike, even though there isn’t any stevia in it (possibly from the fruit powder). It just sort of lingers on my tongue. Otherwise, it isn’t bad. I’m not entirely in love or repulsed. I would drink this to serve a function.


Michael: You can definitely taste the protein powder, as it’s kind of grainy. I can taste the hemp protein strongly – it’s a strong-tasting protein powder.

It’s hard to rate because I don’t have anything to compare it to. I would drink it, but wouldn’t spend $5 on it on a regular basis.


Vegan Vanilla:

Allysia: The powderiness is the same as with the chocolate one – it kind of hits the tongue with dryness. The vanilla taste is strong and quite pleasant. Again, there’s that fruity stevia-esque aftertaste. I can’t taste any of the vegetable powder (I couldn’t with the chocolate drink, either) – unless that’s what is contributing to the slight bitter aftertaste in the back of my throat.


Mike: Again pretty grainy, which dries out my mouth. I think I like the flavor better on this one, but it’s grainier and dryer than the chocolate one.


Final thoughts

Allysia: The Orgain Nutritional Shake is functional rather than being wildly tasty. It serves a purpose – delivering high-quality protein powder without a lot of added junk, and a very decent 9g of sugar – not even a tablespoon. The fact that it’s organic will appeal to some people, though to us, it often simply means a higher price tag ($5 CAD).

Mike: Looking at the nutritional information, I can’t help but feel like they added the vegetable and fruit powder just to say it’s there, because it doesn’t seem to be contributing any nutrients, and they can’t have used much. It’s almost like, why bother? If I was to drink something like this, I would just slam it back in 10 seconds and call it done, without worrying too much about flavor.

About Orgain, the company

For more info on the brand, check out Orgain’s website – the guy who designed it (and their other products) is a doctor and cancer survivor, so it’s an interesting story.

Have you tried any of Orgain’s products, or any protein drinks?


  • Kiss & Make-up

    Hmmmmm I don’t think this is something for me. I like that you guys both tried it though.

    • Allysia K

      I enjoy being a guinea pig, ha ha!

  • Hannah

    I’m always intrigued by ready-to-drink protein shakes. They’re so convenient and tend to be much less gritty than any powders I’ve found, but they’re incredibly expensive, and very hit or miss in the flavor department. Happy to get your insight on these!