Makeup Graveyard: Blushes I Don’t Love

Hi friends!

It’s time for another installment of Makeup Graveyard, where I show you the products that I’ve phased out of my vanity, to either be sent to the garbage, or to a new and loving home.

The previous installment in this series was all about the lipstick I don’t love, so definitely check that out if you haven’t already.

Today we’ll be looking at blushes I don’t love. Let’s hop to it!

ELF Blushes

blush elf blushes

The ELF blushes are very popular, and seem to be considered one of ELF’s most awesome products. Before I’d ever purchased these blushes, I had one blush in my collection which I managed to hit pan on, so I figured it was time to diversify and try new things.

ELF is great if you want to try new things, because you can’t beat the price. I’m pretty sure these blushes were $3 CAD.

So I did a little research, and picked up 5 blushes that people seemed to like, and encompassed a variety of colors:

  • Blushing Rose
  • Candied Coral
  • Berry Merry
  • Mellow Mauve
  • Tickled Pink

Before I get into them individually, I want to mention that I don’t hate these blushes. Yes, they might be in my graveyard, but they’re overall decent. I don’t mind them.

The thing is, I’ve managed to accumulate blushes I like even more, that are higher quality or better in one way or another.

I’m not a blush connoisseur. Unless the shades are very different, I can’t really tell them apart on my face. Because of that, I don’t need a million of them.

Blushing Rose

blush elf blushing rose

This color is classic, the pigmentation isn’t too clown-like, and most people could pull this off since it’s not too light or too dark. I like it, and I’ll be finding a home for this guy.

I should also mention that ELF’s blush packaging is very similar to NARS – the mirror is smaller and they feel a little cheaper, but I bet some of the shades would make great NARS blush dupes.

Candied Coral

blush elf candied coral
Candied Coral was my favorite of the five – it’s perfect when you’re doing a strong makeup look (dark eye or dark lip), and just want a little somethin’ somethin’ on the cheeks that doesn’t stand out, but keeps you from looking dead.

The reason I’m talking in past tense – because I really did love this blush – is that it’s diseased. I don’t know what happened to it, but it’s covered in little bumps, which totally sketches me out. Unfortunately, this one is bound for the trash.

Berry Merry

blush elf berry merry
This is a neat color and I wanted to love it. The problem is, I’m fairly pale and this blush is intensely pigmented. And it’s a dark color. It’s way too easy to clown face myself with this shade.

A little too much product kicks up from the pan when I use it – it’s just a little too powdery. Because of all those reasons, it’s my least favorite of the five.

Mellow Mauve

blush elf mellow mauve

Mellow Mauve is very similar to Blushing Rose. They are different in the pan – Mellow Mauve is lighter, pinker – but on my cheeks, they’re basically identical. Is that just me? Does anyone else find that happens to them with blush?

Regardless, it’s nice and deserving of a new and loving home, but I’ve got plenty of shades like it.

Tickled Pink

blush elf tickled pink

This shade is nice too, though it would probably only work on fair complexions. It’s light in color and just a little powdery. This is a blush that’ll give a nice flush without looking like really obvious makeup. I like it.

Covergirl Cheekers

blush covergirl party peach
Garbage blush don’t get cleaned.

Of all the blushes I’m saying goodbye too, most of them were my ELF ones. They served me well when I was first getting into blush, but I’ve since moved on.

Another one I happen to be getting rid of is a Covergirl Cheekers blush in Party Peach.

This was actually a very well-loved blush. The main reason I’m getting rid of it is because it’s old and haggard. I’ve had it since 2013 – about 3 years – and it’s showing its age.

This was a blush I picked up in Texas, and the pale peachiness looked great against my slightly tanned skin. The only thing I don’t like about it is the smell. It smells like makeup. Like stale vanilla candy or something. I don’t want my blush to have any smell.

Mac Mineralize Blush

blush mac petal power 1

This blush was a gift, and I wore it tons when I first got it. It’s a baked blush with quite a bit of shimmer – it kind of does blush and highlight all at once. The color, Petal Power, is a pretty pinky peach with a gold sheen, very flattering on my complexion.

blush mac petal power 2

I’m giving it away because I am moving toward cruelty-free vanity, and unfortunately Mac is not. It really is a nice blush (if you’re into shimmer), so I know I’ll find someone to love it.


Well that’s it for the Blushes I Don’t Love edition of Makeup Graveyard – unlike the lipstick graveyard, this culling was a little smaller – only (?) seven products. And I have about seven left in my vanity that I’m loving, a number I find manageable and enjoyable.

Thanks for tuning in, and see you next time! 🙂


  • The Nerdy Me

    I heard a lot about Elf blushes and from your review they seem decent, but nothing too special. I will need to try them myself to see how they actually work on me 🙂

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    • Allysia K

      Yeah I would honestly recommend Real Techniques above and beyond Elf, but I’ve only tried one Elf brush so who knows?

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