Flower Lip Gloss: Swatches and Review

Today I wanted to share swatches and a mini review of my Flower lip gloss. I know matte lipstick is the thing right now, but if I don’t feel like fussing with makeup, I always turn to either lip balm, or gloss (as long as I’m indoors – nothing worse than going for a walk and having your hair stick to your lips).

Flower Beauty is a Wal-Mart exclusive brand fronted by Drew Barrymore. It’s very affordable makeup, and for the price, quite good. They don’t spend money on advertising, allowing the product to be good quality for a low price. It’s all made in USA and not tested on animals, the latter being especially important to me.

flower lip gloss

Flower lip gloss (and one random lip lacquer, the black-lidded one) is a good size, and I find the packaging to be quite sturdy and pretty for what it is. The rose gold label is a nice touch too.

flower lip gloss

The five shades of Flower lip gloss that I’m swatching today are (from left to right):
-What a dai-sy (light nude)
-Autumn rose (rosewood)
-Nude nectar (warm medium brown)
-Lovely lotus (baby pink)
-stop the violets! (berry magenta)

flower lip gloss

They’re definitely shiny (no kidding, they’re lip gloss), and the formula is one of the better ones I’ve tried, including mid-range brands (I’m looking at you, Tarte). It’s comfortable to wear, non-sticky, and there is a little color payoff but not too much – those are my three criteria points that must be met with lip gloss, and Flower lip gloss has succeeded.

flower lip gloss swatches

The one thing I do notice is, though these are scent-free (yay!), there is still a hint of chemical smell upon opening the gloss. I don’t notice it as much with repeated use, but I honestly hate smelling anything when I use a gloss, let alone that artificial smell. Considering how cheap these are, though, ($8 CAD), I can let that go.

Now for lip swatches!

Flower lip gloss swatches

The only color in the set that I don’t like at all is Nude Nectar, the brown one. It’s not the gloss’s fault, it’s a nice enough color, but it looks absolutely horrible on me. I am pale with warm-toned skin – this would look nicer (and more natural) on someone with a medium to dark complexion. It also yellows my teeth more than I’d like.

My favourite gloss of the bunch is Lovely Lotus – it isn’t so light and pigmented that it washes me out, and looks very natural (well, as natural as lip gloss can look). I definitely reach for this one often.

Have you Tried Flower lip gloss, or any other products in the line? I’m new to Flower, and would love recommendations!


  • Diana Maria

    Autumn rose is beautiful! I love all of these shades, and I agree sometimes certain shades look amazing but then when you put them on they just don’t match your skin tone. These all look lovely on you though in my opinion! xo

    My Lovelier Days

    • http://www.ohwaffle.com Allysia K

      I feel like I get stubborn with shades that don’t match my skin tone and just keep trying them anyway, lol. Yeah I love Autumn Rose!