Sushi Bowl

Hello blogland! Today I’ve got a few things to share, including a rice bowl modeled after the one from my favorite restaurant in the city, 13th Ave Coffee House.  But first, I want to share a few brag-worthy photos from my Saturday at Saskatoon’s comic convention.  And finally, I have some news-type stuff to talk […]


Tabouleh is the answer to “What the hell do I do with that giant-ass bag of parsley languishing in my fridge?” I’ve embellished the original version of Tabouleh by adding some kidney beans and avocado (kind of like the parsley-free tabouleh I made a while back) to make this grain and herb salad meal-sized, since […]

Super Fresh Bibimbap

One thing Logan and I tend to do, as we sit at the lunch table and chow down on our yummy, typically healthy vegan food, is talk about vegan food and animals. Go figure, hey? 🙂 Our conversation today landed on how Logan’s high school once had a midieval day, which involved dressing all old-school […]

Simplified Bibimbap

Greetings and such! Whatever part of the world you folks reside in, be very, very glad that you’re not here. Factoring in the windchill, the HIGH today was -35 C. That’s the high in Regina today. Same with tomorrow. I’m California dreamin’… Today I attempted to make a Vietnamese meatball soup, and failed terribly. Not […]

Fiesta Bowl!

So it’s Wednesday, one of my favorite days of the week! Not only do I have a lineup of fairly awesome piano students to teach, but I get to pick up my box of organic goodies! It’s like Christmas, each and every week. I’ve been spending a lot of time writing (currently about vitamin D), […]

Bibimbap (Korean Rice Bowl)!

Bibimbap! Bibimbap! Is there a word more fun to say? Aside from hootenanny, of course. Basically, Bibimbap is composed of rice, topped with, well, pretty much whatever the hell you want, but often cooked spinach, carrot, mushrooms, meat (or if you’re cool, tofu), cucumber, zucchini…anything you want. The most awesome part, however, is that none […]

Veggie-Based Cheese Sauce

There are many, many reasons to make this cheese sauce. 1) It’s delicious – delicious as in, eat it straight-up with a spoon delicious. This is an obvious requirement. 2) There is NO nutritional yeast in this recipe, which is perfect for the nooch hater in your life (*cough* Logan), or someone who’s new to […]