Adventures in Sourdough: Days 3-6

Hi friends! I’ve been posting my adventures in sourdough here if you’d like to check out the backstory: Adventures in sourdough: Introduction Adventures in sourdough: Day 1 and 2 It’s actually been incredibly easy so far, requiring just a few minutes every day to feed the starter. I’ll walk you through the next few days […]

Adventures in Sourdough: Day 1 & 2

If you missed the first part in this series, Adventures in Sourdough: Introduction, please be sure to check it out! I’ve been desperate for good, European bread lately. But I’m also terrified of making sourdough – there are so many steps, and it takes such a long time. When I saw this product at the […]

Quick and Easy Asian Tofu

easy asian tofu

Hello friends! Today I wanted to share the super easy Asian tofu recipe from last week’s soba noodle salad. This “recipe” is courtesy Michael, since he has always been better than me at making tofu (and potatoes). I happily concede that fact, because it means that sometimes he cooks it for me, while I put […]