Being Awesome


Being awesome is the goal. Sometimes I’d like to think I achieve it, other times, not so much – but I’m always striving for awesome. Awesome, to me, is:

-Always learning (everything from cooking to music, from time management to science)
-Reading (an extension of the first point – reading tends to lead to learning, even if it’s fiction).
-Enjoying the moment (being in the present, having fun and staying lighthearted)
-Embracing the spiritual side (which means many things to many different people – for me, it can be as simple as remembering that I’m not just my body and my brain, and that there’s more to life than what I can simply observe)
-Being active and engaged (living life deeply – being interested and absorbed in what I do)

Healthy eating and my favourite book
Healthy eating and my favourite book

These are some topics you’ll find in this section of the website. I like to share my observations, lessons and learnings with you, whether it be in the form of stories, book reviews, or tips.