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Annabelle Swatches and Haul, Dec. 2015

Good day!

In a previous post, I swatched a bunch of my Annabelle lip liners, and shortly after, I received a package in the mail full of more Annabelle goodies!

Wanting to sample a variety of their products, I jumped on their 40% off Black Friday sale. With much excitement, I waited. And waited. And waited.

Midway through December, receiving this package felt like Christmas (especially since I forgot some of what I ordered)!

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Pastel Purple Hair – Merry Christmas To Me

Hello, friends!

Over the Christmas holidays, aside from having deep thoughts while cleaning, I also headed to my friend’s salon to get my hair done. It’s been a while since I’ve done a non-natural colour (hot pink a few years ago), and I was getting restless to try something new.

As laughable as this may seem, I think pastel purple hair is a step in a more mature direction (as compared to hot pink), and a little more fashionable too. I was also thinking that in several years my face won’t be so young anymore (I’m 29), which will make pulling off any colour with grey tones more difficult. Not to mention that my job, working for myself as a piano teacher, doesn’t come with a dress code. So I figured, no time like the present!

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planning and organization

Cleaning is an Act of Love

On Sunday afternoon, as I was sweeping the floor of my living room at the end of a busy Christmas break, idly contemplating work and chores, this thought occurred to me: Cleaning is an act of love.

If you don’t love your home, or your bedroom, or your yard, it’s very difficult to find the will to clean. Why spend time and energy cleaning something you don’t love? Cleaning is intimate, it’s sacrifice. Even beyond loving the space you inhabit, cleaning is an act of self-love, since we all know how great a clean space makes us feel.

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product reviews

Annabelle Lip Liners: Review & Swatches

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Today’s post features a fairly popular Canadian drugstore brand, Annabelle. Outside of Canada this brand is less-known, so it’s sometimes hard to find reviews and swatches – hence this post!

Today I’ll be swatching/reviewing Annabelle lip liners, of which I have 7 (there are 10 in the regular lip liner range). These retail for $5.95 CAD, which is a great price if you’re willing to sharpen them yourself.

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books and reviews

My Reading List for 2016

As soon as the New Year’s approaches, I get really pumped up. Christmas is obviously a good time; you get to see friends and family and eat great food. New Year’s parties are fun, too. But what I also look forward to is the clean slate of a new year. I like to plan and think about what I’m going to accomplish. These range from large, sweeping goals to things like this reading list for 2016.

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Vegan Christmas baking recipes

Hi all!

Let me just tell you – 10 days without having any internet isn’t easy. But I got a lot of miscellaneous organizing and manga reading done.

Since we’re going on a vegan Christmas baking marathon tomorrow and doing the whole wrapping presents thing, I thought I would share my list of baking goals with you. We might not do everything here because this is a crazy amount of food, but we both have big families so who knows? Sometimes more is more.

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easy meditation for beginners

Easy Meditation for Beginners: My First and Favorite Technique

Happy Monday!

Most of us have at least dabbled in meditation at some point – some of us even like it once we get into it. Yes, I think meditation is great and can elevate you beyond the ordinary, but it can also be hard work and take practice.

That being said, I don’t like to struggle too much with meditating, or else it won’t be fun and I won’t do it. And I figure, it’s better to do fun but not-quite-so-serious meditation, than to try too hard and not do it at all.

Not that this isn’t a serious meditation – this easy meditation for beginners that I’m going to share today is my favorite not only because it’s fun, it’s actually really effective. And it’s not fun in a hunky-dory goofy way, it’s fun in more of a “hey I’m not just sitting here listening to the sound of my breathing” way. That kind of meditation has it’s place, but it’s not what we’re going to talk about today.

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A 12-year Old Girl Watches Titanic

Let me start this blog post by mentioning that I’m not a hoarder. I’ve moved a dozen times in adulthood, each time learning how to pare down to the bare essentials.

That said, my parents haven’t moved much, so until recently I kept a big (and I mean big) box of old notebooks in their storage room. Now that I have a house of my own and intend to stay put at least for a little while, I hauled back the giant box and rifled through old notebooks and diaries like a treasure hunt.

(A cringe-inducing treasure hunt.)

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orgain nutritional shake
food and product reviews

Orgain Nutritional Shake Review: Chocolate/Vanilla Protein Drinks

Hi all!

Something that Michael and I like to do every now and then is play a bit of food detective. We like trying new products, and do some comparing and contrasting. That’s where this Orgain nutritional shake review comes in – it’s basically a protein drink, in chocolate and vanilla flavors – and I hadn’t seen them at the health food store before, so decided to pick some up (with our own dolla bills).

(A note on the packaging: It seems to be different on the website. On the website, the drink is called a “nutritional shake”, and our versions have the label “organic protein”, but I’m 99% sure it’s the same thing).

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Making Faces, product reviews

Flower Lip Gloss: Swatches and Review

Today I wanted to share swatches and a mini review of my Flower lip gloss. I know matte lipstick is the thing right now, but if I don’t feel like fussing with makeup, I always turn to either lip balm, or gloss (as long as I’m indoors – nothing worse than going for a walk and having your hair stick to your lips).

Flower Beauty is a Wal-Mart exclusive brand fronted by Drew Barrymore. It’s very affordable makeup, and for the price, quite good. They don’t spend money on advertising, allowing the product to be good quality for a low price. It’s all made in USA and not tested on animals, the latter being especially important to me.

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