Associate Chef and Instructor Training at Living Light, Week 2

Whew!  I just accomplished my second and final week of Associate Chef and Instructor Training, and it certainly flew by in a crazy whirlwind of great food, student demos and shenanigans.  During the entirety of my training here, the food’s been getting better…and better…and better, and I’m kind of sad now that the food part is over.  Of course, I still have one week to go, though it’s a week in the classroom instead of the kitchen.
If you want to catch up with what I’ve learned up until this point, just check out the links below.
Associate Chef and Instructor Training, Week 2

I’m gonna walk you through more of the great dishes we learned how to make during my training – I’m so excited to make these meals in my own kitchen, and play, and create more recipes.  I’m so fueled up that hopefully it will compensate for my lack of MoFo preparation.

In this Asian-themed meal, we made Teriyaki Veggies (Stirred, not Fried), which tasted great – actually, I almost preferred them to fried veggies for how fresh they tasted.  The vegetables were marinated, which softened them, leaving a crisp-tender bite.  And you’d never know the thick Teriyaki sauce we used was raw.

Possibly my favorite thing on this plate is the pineapple skewer, which was also marinated and then warmed – I definitely ate more of it than pictured.  But I’m not telling how much more.

Raw pizza!  Each pizza was all little and cute, about 6 inches in diameter, and we had a variety of toppings, along with a choice of pesto or tomato sauce.  I opted for pesto since it’s so delicious, and also because fresh basil is hard to get in Saskatchewan.

Minestrone soup, served warm and full of chunky veggie goodness, was lovely and sweet.  Most of the raw soups I eat are smooth and pureed, so it was nice having something a little different.  The flavors were nostalgic, kind of like canned tomato soup, but, you know, better for you.

Here’s a spinach-mushroom quiche served with a red pepper remoulade, and it was delectable.  I especially loved the crust, which was very close to a traditional wheat crust in both flavor and texture.  And it was coconut-free!  Logan will be thrilled about that.  Once I’m back in my own kitchen, this crust is bound to make a reappearance on the blog.

Kale coleslaw, woo hoo!  This dish isn’t necessarily everyone’s idea of a good time, but it has lots of flavor, what with the full-bodied miso vinaigrette and capers and stuff.  Plus, I taught the class how to make this, so now it’s all sentimental.

This veggie burger spread had a ton of different components – mustard, ketchup, mayo, burgers, toppings, and onion rings – and was straight-up comfort food.  No one would suspect the ketchup and mayo of being made from raw, whole ingredients.  The mustard differed from the typical bright yellow stuff in that it wasn’t as neon and it was spicy, but was still an excellent condiment in its own right.

These were some damn good veggie burgers, pridefully standing on their own virtue, not trying to be like meat.  They had some chunky veggie pieces and seeds, making them a textural wonderland.

Whoa, onion rings!  Upon tasting one, my first impression was, “what the hell, these don’t taste like onion rings at all, they lack the characteristic deep-fried crunch”.  But then before I knew it, they all disappeared from my plate.  So while these might not have been an exact replica of onion rings, they made for a really addictive and low-fat snack.

There’s a fiesta on this plate, you’d better believe it.  With enchiladas served with avocado creme de fraiche and hot sauce, alongside a heap of fresh avocado salsa and some Mexican-seasoned rice, this might have been my favorite meal of all.  Maybe.  It’s a close call.

I must admit, I’d never had dolmas until the day I took this photograph, which is kind of unfortunate because look how cute they are! Needless to say, I don’t know what they’re supposed to taste like, but I do know that our version, made with softened zucchini “rice” dressed with seasonings and fresh herbs, was yumtastic.  The grape leaves were marinated in a tangy mixture involving some orange juice, and were tender and flavorful.  And the leaves have such a great texture – hearty and a little chewy and dare I say meaty.

I tucked away some dolmas to take home for supper, along with some crackers and raw zucchini hummus (holy crap that was good), and a simple greek salad with almond feta.

Alas, the end of the training meant the departure of some friends, like Acco and Sheli.  Acco’s blog is in Japanese, but it’s so cute and I love it all the same.  They’re both great chefs and great people, and I’ll miss them both dearly.  Ahh well, just gives me another reason to go do some world travelling, to Osaka and Jerusalem!

I’m sure many of you are familiar with Jenny Cornbleet, raw author and instructor extrordinaire.  She taught us about teaching and is just such a positive, encouraging lady.  Plus, look how little she is!  The first time I found myself standing beside her at the smoothie bar, it was a little startling, and kind of made me feel like a giant.  I giggled.  On the other side of me is Gina Hudson, another instructor who was so super friendly and a blast to work with.

And, the best for last.  This was our prize for completing the two weeks.  I would do it over and over again, just for some more of this chocolate mousse pie.  Heaven.
With today being my last day off in Fort Bragg, I must attend to some last-minute adventures.  I’ll catch you all next week, before I hop a plane and return to my hometown, and to Logan, and to my music.  Returning will be bittersweet, but for now, I’ve got my eyes focused on the intense week of classwork that lies before me.

Fare thee well!

  • Erin

    Kale coleslaw sounds like my kind of party.

  • Allysia

    Well that definitely contributes to your awesomeness! 🙂

  • Jolene – EverydayFoodie

    That food is so fresh – I want to try it all! I would love if there was a raw food course close to home …

  • Allysia

    LOL, me too. Clearly there's an opening in the market for something… 🙂