Annabelle Swatches and Haul, Dec. 2015

Good day!

In a previous post, I swatched a bunch of my Annabelle lip liners, and shortly after, I received a package in the mail full of more Annabelle goodies!

Wanting to sample a variety of their products, I jumped on their 40% off Black Friday sale. With much excitement, I waited. And waited. And waited.

Midway through December, receiving this package felt like Christmas (especially since I forgot some of what I ordered)!

And now, a couple weeks later, I’m finally publishing this post. 🙂

Annabelle Swatches: Blush


I picked up two Annabelle blushes, Lotus and Hibiscus. I’ve been wearing them more or less all week, and they’re great. They wear well, apply evenly, last a long time, and are pigmented enough that I don’t have to load it on, but not so pigmented that clown face becomes a thing.

Lotus, the cool-toned pale pink, looks great applied with a fairly heavy hand for a natural-looking winter flush, and Hibiscus pairs well with my current favorite red lipstick of the moment, Bite’s Mimosa.

And, while shimmery blush can be fun (I’m looking at you, NARS Orgasm), I prefer a more natural finish for everyday wear (I can always add highlighter if I want some shimma). LOVE these.

Annabelle Eye Shadow Singles

These shades look a little boring, I know. But I wanted to try some of Annabelle’s pale, neutral-ish colors, since they’re what I use the most of. Aura is a pale frosty pink, with a subtle cool blue undertone. I’ve been using this on the inner third of my eyelid lately, and it looks very pretty and wintery. Gleam is a neutral taupe that leans cool and has a moderate amount of shimmer (I was hoping for more of a matte shade, but oh well). 118 is the brightest of the three, a bold yellow-gold with a moderate amount of shimmer. I’ve tried adding just a pat of this in the centre of a gold-coloured eyelid to add brightness and pop, which works well. On its own, I feel it runs a little too yellow to be a pretty all-over color.

I was surprised by how nice these shadows are, though. They’re pigmented and I haven’t experienced any fallout with them (they’re not powdery). My favourite way to use them is with my fingers, adding a little pat here or there.

Annabelle pencil eyeliners

And here are the products I was least impressed with. These eyeliner pencils just aren’t as creamy as I want an eyeliner to be. True, harder formulas tend not to travel around the eyes as much – a definite plus – but I don’t like the feeling of digging into my eyelids just to apply color.

Annabelle TwistUp Lipstick Crayon


I’ve been really enjoying these so far! They’re nice and creamy, and are easy to apply. Absolute is the shade I’ve been wearing most as a nice neutral that isn’t too pale on my lips. Bazooka Pink is a pretty color, but it’s too loud and cool for my skin tone, so I’ll probably be giving it away to a friend who could love it more than I.

One thing I’ve noticed with these lip crayons is that your lips should be nice and smooth before applying them, because Absolute, in particular, will cling to any dry bits (a trait I’ve noticed of a lot of nude lipsticks).


Here I paired my chocolate bar palette (salted caramel and crème brulee) with the yellow 118 shade to make it pop a little more.

Here’s Aura in action, adding a dramatic inner highlight shimmer. I also used it all over the lid and tried a couple of the eyeliners out – silver on the lower lashline, and black pearl on the top.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little (and belated) Annabelle swatches and haul post! Is Annabelle a brand you’ve tried before? What are your favourite products?


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