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Annabelle Lip Liners: Review & Swatches

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Today’s post features a fairly popular Canadian drugstore brand, Annabelle. Outside of Canada this brand is less-known, so it’s sometimes hard to find reviews and swatches – hence this post!

Today I’ll be swatching/reviewing Annabelle lip liners, of which I have 7 (there are 10 in the regular lip liner range). These retail for $5.95 CAD, which is a great price if you’re willing to sharpen them yourself.


I find the Annabelle lip liners to be somewhere in the middle of the dry-to-slippy spectrum. They’re not so dry that you have to attack your lips to apply them, but they’re not even a little slippy or creamy, either. I don’t mind that – I’ve used very, very creamy and pigmented lip liners before and I find them rather unforgiving. In short, these aren’t the best lip liners in the world, but they’re a nice solid average – and I like them enough to have accumulated seven of them.



Annabelle lip liner shades

My most-used shade is Natural Rose, which is a great my-lips-but-better shade for someone pale like me. I like using it under gloss or a sheer pink lipstick for added definition.

Spice is a trendy color right now (it’s a dupe of Mac Spice), but it doesn’t look great on me. I can pull it off by layering a rose-pink lipstick on top of it to dilute the brown a bit, and that has a nice effect – otherwise it makes my teeth look more yellow than I’d like, and washes me out.

Berry, the random metallic lip liner I have in this group, is my least favorite in terms of application. It goes on dry and patchy compared to the others. I will say, however, that I do use it sometimes, because it somehow looks amazing underneath my NARS Audrey – more vampy and provocative than Audrey looks applied on bare lips.

Cherry is a nicer consistency than Burgundy – one of the creamier shades – so I tend to use it more. Coral and Buff are also nice shades. Coral tends to get used more in the spring/summer (when there’s no snow on the ground), and I don’t wear nude lips often, but if I do, I like using Buff to even everything out.

Hope you enjoyed this Annabelle lip liners review! Have you tried this brand before? If so, what are your thoughts?


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