Alberta Tour + The Coup in Calgary


This post on my band’s recent tour through Alberta is a little belated, but so be it.  And it wasn’t a tour so much as a weekend of shows, but tour sounds cooler.  So I’m gonna share some pictures from the weekend, as well as glorious food photos from a restaurant in Calgary called The Coup.  Here we go!

These were my travel companions for the entirety of the trip, for better or for worse.  The rhythm section of any band always seems to have a special bond.  As in, they like to touch each other.  But don’t worry, I’ll keep this post PG.

See?  Even their hats are BFF.  There was a lot of driving during the weekend – about 8 hours each way, so we needed to play games to keep ourselves entertained.

Have any of you ever played this game?  Where you fold the paper and each person draws a segment?  So fun.  
And now, The Coup!  The Coup is a trendy vegetarian restaurant in Calgary that I’d heard great things about.  We were ravenous when we arrived, which meant we were a little sad to have to wait to be seated.  Jeremy got so hungry he tried to eat Mike.

But then we were seated and all was well, especially when we were delivered heavenly beer.

I was drinking the Blanche du Paradis, and it was incredible.  I think it was some sort of Belgian beer brewed in Quebec.  Does that make any sense?  Maybe I’m just making stuff up.  The rhythm section drank some sort of hibiscus wheat beer, which was also pretty tasty.

And then came my lunch.  I had a flatbread sammich with juicy veggies tossed in a marinara sauce, which was delicious, but the real star of my plate was that dark looking bowl of soup…

Mike got an eggy sammy and the same incredible soup.  It didn’t look terribly promising, but it blew us both away.  I’m pretty sure we just closed our eyes and ate in silence, all bliss-style.  The broth was thin with bits of pulverized mushroom and was flavored with savory herbs like thyme and sage, and the soup was rich with carmelized onions, mushroom pieces and chickpeas.  A thin sprinkling of chives added a nice color to it all. This is one soup I really want to recreate, though it’s probably going to be a challenge.  It’ll happen!

Jeremy is giving his bowl of curry a look of tender endearment.  It was essentially a hot soup with a base of coconut milk, but the spicing was perfect and it was full of goodies – even lotus root!

One awesome thing about The Coup (and there are many awesome things) is that they have several vegan dessert options (including a boozy ice cream sundae thing – I’ll have to get that next time!).  I went with the chocolate torte because I’m a sucker for chocolate, and it was great.  Very, very rich, but the fruit sauce cut the richness and gave it some zing.  Mmm.

At last, Vic and I make a cameo!  I was there the whole time, but behind the camera.  Vic was on his own solo mission during the weekend, so we just saw him at shows.  You know, because guitarists are pretty important.  I guess.  This picture was taken at The Slice in Lethbridge, which was a blast to play at and I’ll definitely tour through there again in the future.

For a night on the tour we did some camping, which ended up being pretty luxurious because we had a giant tent.  Look at that thing.  It’s a beast!

And then, after a night of music playing and crazy shenanigans, we awoke on Monday morning with the sun at 5am for the long drive home.

By the end of the tour, we were out of our road trip food (which included a gratuitous amount of bread, avocados, tomatoes and hummus) so we stopped at Taco Time, of all places.  Did anyone else know that taco time had veggie-friendly burritos?  It certainly wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever eaten, but it definitely did the trick at 10am when I was ready to gnaw my own arm off.  And, you know, mexi-fries.

And then, I was home.  And chilled out hard (no pictures of that, though).  And it was back to real life, which was a bit of a difficult adjustment to make – I could have toured for another few weeks and been completely happy.  But there’s more of that in the future, so it’s hard to complain. πŸ™‚

Take care, all, and I hope you had a good long weekend (even though it’s kind of late to be saying that)!

  • Jolene – EverydayFoodie

    Mmmmmmm, I want to try The Coup! That curry looks yummmmmy!

    I love Alberta.

  • xvavaveganx

    What a fun trip! It looks like you had a great time and were in great company. I LOVE the drawing, I'm still laughing! Which portion did you draw? πŸ˜‰

    The food looks so good! I'm a sucker for good soup and I actually really love veggies tossed in marinara. I've been known to order veggies in red sauce (when it's vegan red sauce, naturally) in Italian restaurants. That chocolate torte looks so rich and delicious!

  • xvavaveganx

    Oh and I also wanted to let you know I nominated you for an award! You are awesome! πŸ™‚

  • foodfeud

    Aw this looks like so much fun! Especially the camping part in the huge ass tent. Hope the shows went well too.
    The flatbread sandwich looks pretty incredible. It's hard to find good vegan food to eat in places yr not really familiar with but it looks like an awesome job.

  • Maggie Muggins

    Holy hell that’s a huge ass tent!
    I wish I knew you were playing in Calgary, I would have come seen you guys!
    The Coup is definitely the best veggie restaurant in Calgary, I wish we had more places like that to choose from. Never tried their desserts before, that torte looks incredible!

  • Allysia

    Alberta's pretty awesome. Significantly more to do there than here. πŸ™‚

  • Allysia

    Ha ha, I drew the top and bottom. πŸ™‚ Mike couldn't draw any because he was driving! And yeah, veggies + marinara is one of life's ultimate comfort foods.

  • Allysia

    Yup, camping is where it's at…as long as it ain't storming. Then it's terrifying, ha ha! And thank god for the internet when it comes to traveling as a vegan!

  • Allysia

    Maggie, I totally had no idea you lived in Calgary or I would've mentioned something! And yeah, every time in the future when I go to Calgary, The Coup is my "must go no questions asked" place.