Hello! I’m Allysia, and it’s so nice to meet you (unless we’ve met before, in which case, thanks for coming to this page to get to know me better, I’m flattered).

I’ve decided to adopt the who/what/where/when/why template from grade school to describe myself to you. If it’s good enough for a book report, it’s good enough for me.


So we’ve already established that I’m Allysia. And because I know you’re wondering, it’s pronounced ah-LEE-sha. As of this writing, I’m 29 years old – though who knows how long I’ll forget about updating this page – maybe I’m already 40.

This question can also relate to the blog’s name, “oh waffle”. Once upon a time, I was called a wafflehead as a young child. I’m sure the perpetrator meant to deeply wound me with those words, but I thought it was awesome. Later, in high school, my friend got her very first cell phone – one of those ancient green-screened flip phones – and I added myself to her contacts, calling myself “wafflehead” instead of my given name. Of course, character counts were quite limited on those old phones, so I’m pretty sure all that showed up for my contact name was something like “waffleh”. So my friend started calling me waffle, and it stuck.


Screenshot (2)

I teach piano lessons from home, so basically my job is counting to four and listening to Mary Had a Little Lamb. It’s great though, hanging out with kids keeps me lighthearted. I also record piano video tutorials at pianotv.net, because why not?

As you might imagine from my career choice, I’ve been a musician since childhood – If you speak conservatory language, I have my Grade 10 RCM in piano. But I also have a leaning toward loud rock music and have been in a band for years and years. We’re called FeverRedFire (originally The Criminal Kid), and I sing.

I’m on the left – from a show poster

We’ve got an album and everything – These Blue Walls Are Faking Freedom – and play the occasional show here in Saskatchewan (more on that when we get to “where”).

Oh and I also cook. I took a course at Living Light Culinary Institute, which is a great raw food culinary school in Northern California headed by the ageless Cherie Soria.


And since that wasn’t enough food for me, I also spent six months at the Natural Epicurean in Austin, TX, a plant-based culinary school where we learned all kinds of cooking styles from classic to raw to macrobiotic.



So I live in small-town Saskatchewan, the sunny, windy, cold, and often-forgotten rectangle on Canada’s map. People from visually arresting places, like Ontario, with its rocks and trees, often comment how boring the prairie landscape is, how flat and bare, but I like it. To me, it’s home. It’s easier to drive standard on flat roads, anyway.

As mentioned above, I stayed briefly in Northern California, and spent half a year in Austin, Texas – Michael (the SO) and I also spent a couple excellent years living in Toronto, Ontario, my favorite place in the world (so far). If you haven’t been there, go there.

sept 2013-09-08 12.38.29


Usually when you’re doing a book report, the “when” is the time period of the book, but obviously the time period for me and the blog is now, 2015 (unless, as mentioned earlier, I’ve forgotten to update this section and it’s 2022).


I’m going to take this in two directions. First, why did I start this blog?

Because I live for blogs! They’re the best! I’ve been voraciously reading blogs for nearly a decade, as well as creating them – an angsty teenager blog, a now-stationary vegan food blog (The Real Meal), and the relatively new PianoTV.net. And now, this (goodbye, free time).

Second, why do I exist?

Okay so I know what happens between a man and a woman, and how I came to literally exist. This is more of the “why” of my life – why I get out of bed in the morning, what I stand for, what I love.

Coffee gets me out of bed in the morning, and chocolate keeps me going the rest of the day. God I love coffee. God I love chocolate.

My friends and family are everything to me, and I’ve got great sets of both, which makes me just incredibly lucky. Michael, my boyfriend of three and a half years, is okay too I guess. 🙂

2015-04-25 14.54.15
Because apparently Michael needs two pens and a highlighter.

I am owned by a cat named Tsunami, and she also forces me out of bed in the morning. Not out of any sense of kindness or responsibility – just hunger. And as if on cue, she just crawled into my lap and is now licking my hand. No, Tsu-nom-nom, my hand is not your supper.


Being vegan (6 years and counting) is my main contribution to the planet – we all do what we can, and this is my way. Eating plants directly has a beneficial effect on the environment, and obviously the animals!

I have also made a commitment to extend those principles into my purchases where I can – I no longer buy products tested on animals. But I also don’t believe in waste, so I still have some items kicking around my house that aren’t cruelty-free (some makeup products and clothing), and I will use them until they’re worn out!


Thanks for visiting my little corner of the internet – please get in touch via Contact or comments, and then I can visit your little corner of the internet as well!