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December 2015

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Annabelle Lip Liners: Review & Swatches

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Today’s post features a fairly popular Canadian drugstore brand, Annabelle. Outside of Canada this brand is less-known, so it’s sometimes hard to find reviews and swatches – hence this post!

Today I’ll be swatching/reviewing Annabelle lip liners, of which I have 7 (there are 10 in the regular lip liner range). These retail for $5.95 CAD, which is a great price if you’re willing to sharpen them yourself.

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books and reviews

My Reading List for 2016

As soon as the New Year’s approaches, I get really pumped up. Christmas is obviously a good time; you get to see friends and family and eat great food. New Year’s parties are fun, too. But what I also look forward to is the clean slate of a new year. I like to plan and think about what I’m going to accomplish. These range from large, sweeping goals to things like this reading list for 2016.

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Vegan Christmas baking recipes

Hi all!

Let me just tell you – 10 days without having any internet isn’t easy. But I got a lot of miscellaneous organizing and manga reading done.

Since we’re going on a vegan Christmas baking marathon tomorrow and doing the whole wrapping presents thing, I thought I would share my list of baking goals with you. We might not do everything here because this is a crazy amount of food, but we both have big families so who knows? Sometimes more is more.

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