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November 2015

easy meditation for beginners

Easy Meditation for Beginners: My First and Favorite Technique

Happy Monday!

Most of us have at least dabbled in meditation at some point – some of us even like it once we get into it. Yes, I think meditation is great and can elevate you beyond the ordinary, but it can also be hard work and take practice.

That being said, I don’t like to struggle too much with meditating, or else it won’t be fun and I won’t do it. And I figure, it’s better to do fun but not-quite-so-serious meditation, than to try too hard and not do it at all.

Not that this isn’t a serious meditation – this easy meditation for beginners that I’m going to share today is my favorite not only because it’s fun, it’s actually really effective. And it’s not fun in a hunky-dory goofy way, it’s fun in more of a “hey I’m not just sitting here listening to the sound of my breathing” way. That kind of meditation has it’s place, but it’s not what we’re going to talk about today.

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A 12-year Old Girl Watches Titanic

Let me start this blog post by mentioning that I’m not a hoarder. I’ve moved a dozen times in adulthood, each time learning how to pare down to the bare essentials.

That said, my parents haven’t moved much, so until recently I kept a big (and I mean big) box of old notebooks in their storage room. Now that I have a house of my own and intend to stay put at least for a little while, I hauled back the giant box and rifled through old notebooks and diaries like a treasure hunt.

(A cringe-inducing treasure hunt.)

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orgain nutritional shake
food and product reviews

Orgain Nutritional Shake Review: Chocolate/Vanilla Protein Drinks

Hi all!

Something that Michael and I like to do every now and then is play a bit of food detective. We like trying new products, and do some comparing and contrasting. That’s where this Orgain nutritional shake review comes in – it’s basically a protein drink, in chocolate and vanilla flavors – and I hadn’t seen them at the health food store before, so decided to pick some up (with our own dolla bills).

(A note on the packaging: It seems to be different on the website. On the website, the drink is called a “nutritional shake”, and our versions have the label “organic protein”, but I’m 99% sure it’s the same thing).

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Making Faces, product reviews

Flower Lip Gloss: Swatches and Review

Today I wanted to share swatches and a mini review of my Flower lip gloss. I know matte lipstick is the thing right now, but if I don’t feel like fussing with makeup, I always turn to either lip balm, or gloss (as long as I’m indoors – nothing worse than going for a walk and having your hair stick to your lips).

Flower Beauty is a Wal-Mart exclusive brand fronted by Drew Barrymore. It’s very affordable makeup, and for the price, quite good. They don’t spend money on advertising, allowing the product to be good quality for a low price. It’s all made in USA and not tested on animals, the latter being especially important to me.

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The Best Albums of All Time

The Best Albums of All Time, According To Me

So I’m not Rolling Stone magazine, and I don’t have any authority to make sweeping claims about the best albums of all time. I tend to vote more with my heart than my head in these situations, and I am nowhere in the realm of being a music critic.

That being said, as a rock musician, piano teacher, and overall music enthusiast, I was inspired to compile this list of my five favourite albums for you here, the five that I consider the best albums of all time, whether or not anyone else agrees. In fact, I invite you to disagree – or, at least, to share your own favourites in the comments below, and what makes them your favourite. Let’s get to know each other a little bit better, and share around some truly amazing music to kick off a great week!

So here we go. These are the albums that I’ve sat in a room listening to, nothing else but me and my headphones or stereo. The ones that have followed me on countless walks and drives. Albums that have defined me, shaped me, and moved me.

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Sephora VIB Sale 2015 Haul

Sephora VIB Sale 2015: Haul

I won’t deny it – half the reason I wanted to start a blog in the first place was to share things like this Sephora VIB Sale haul, to try new things and talk beauty.

I’m sure you all know this, but Sephora has different tiers of membership – Beauty Insider is the first level, and then once you spend $250 in a calendar year you become a VIB (Very Important Beauty Insider I think? Wouldn’t that be VIBI?), and then spend even more and you become VIB Rouge. Twice a year, Sephora does a big sale – this one was 20% off all items for VIB and VIB Rouge members.

Yes, the Sephora VIB sale is done. I wanted to share my haul while the sale was still going on, to be a part of all the hubbub – but I had to place my order online, because there were a couple things I really wanted, but couldn’t get in stores. So here is my after-the-fact haul. I haven’t even opened the box yet, since I wanted to do this all in real time (or as real time as things can get on a blog).

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easy asian tofu

Quick and Easy Asian Tofu

Hello friends!

Today I wanted to share the super easy Asian tofu recipe from last week’s soba noodle salad. This “recipe” is courtesy Michael, since he has always been better than me at making tofu (and potatoes). I happily concede that fact, because it means that sometimes he cooks it for me, while I put up my feet and browse Reddit (that’s more a fantasy – usually we cook together).

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perfume review
product reviews

Perfume Review: My notes vs. Their notes

I accumulate a lot of perfume samples, because that’s what happens when you shop makeup and girly things. So I decided I’d do a blog post of the first five samples I grabbed from the box (yes, I have a sample box), reviewing them the way one would wine. Only, I know nothing about perfume terminology (or wine terminology for that matter) so my impressions won’t be conventional.

And, as with wine tasting, I’ll provide you with my notes, as well as the real notes from the actual companies.

Still, I hope you’ll find this perfume review post useful – I had a lot of fun with it, and can’t wait to do another!

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Your Body is a Temple (Or, my makeup story)

Like many girls, I’ve been wearing makeup since I was a pre-teen. It started with nail polish, evolved into mascara, and soon, it was a full face – foundation, gloss, eyeshadow, the works.

And, like many girls, I made a lot of mistakes. I remember borrowing my mom’s foundation – my mom is several shades darker than me – and looking like what I can only imagine must’ve been an oompa loompa. I remember getting glittery green eyeshadow and loading it on, to which my male friend replied as we sat in our desks, “That’s a lot of eyeshadow”. I remember (lightly) filling in my brows, a decade before that really became a big thing, because my very beautiful friend did.

So why wear my mom’s makeup, why load up on eyeshadow? Was I trying to impress boys, was I self-conscious? Was I trying to get attention, or trying to blend in?

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Friday Vegan Menu: A 1940s-style Dinner

The 1940s were a tumultuous time for many countries. There was war, there was rationing, and for the average person, feasts became a modest affair. Not only were meatless meals common (and necessary) during this time, even ingredients like eggs and sugar were hard to come by.

I decided to make a decade-themed vegan menu because I had a few recipes stowed away that reminded me of the olden days. Of course, these aren’t true old-style recipes, they’re modern versions with modern ingredients, but I kept a frugal eye designing this, because sometimes you want to feast on a budget!

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