Korean BBQ Tacos

The final project for culinary school involved creating a menu and serving it to the public.  My biggest contribution to it was this Korean BBQ Taco recipe, which features everything homemade, like the corn tortillas, the tofu filling, and the kimchi.  Those are then served together along with a slice of avocado, some cilantro and […]

Sauerkraut “Kimchi”

Allysia’s Ukranian background often leads us to some incredibly delicious foods, but a short while ago she decided to embark on a little food adventure.  As any Ukranian knows, fermented cabbage is an essential component of life itself.  While we would certainly not argue with them, the world of fermented cabbage seems to be open […]

Roasted Broccoli Soup

A few weeks ago I made an incredible grilled cheese sandwich and partnered it with a spur-of-the-moment roasted soup.  My go-to soup has long been a tomato-based affair, but this time I felt like something different.  Cream-based soups always make great dippers, but I definitely wanted nothing but fresh veggies in my bowl.  I hunted […]