Baked Tofu

My favourite way to eat tofu (aside from deep-fried puffs…come on, who doesn’t love those?) is baked. The texture becomes more dense and sturdy, which means you could use baked tofu as a sandwich “meat”, chop it up for stir-fries and rice bowls, eat a couple slices in the morning with toast, or straight-up from […]

Bibimbap (Korean Rice Bowl)!

Bibimbap! Bibimbap! Is there a word more fun to say? Aside from hootenanny, of course. Basically, Bibimbap is composed of rice, topped with, well, pretty much whatever the hell you want, but often cooked spinach, carrot, mushrooms, meat (or if you’re cool, tofu), cucumber, zucchini…anything you want. The most awesome part, however, is that none […]